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  1. Love this….looks like downtown. Since I was born in Mt. Vernon in the 40’s I remember the city and so many stores along
    Fifth Avenue all done up. The city after WWII was amazing, full of energy and all the great Broadway shows being written by many
    of the finest. Now they are being brought back again because they were so brilliantly produced. They once had just the singers, then the actors and last the dancer’s. So you had more of a chance getting into the theatre because you were hired for just one
    single ability. Now due to costs, you have to be able to do all three. Television was just beginning and so most could afford
    to go to the theatre back then. All of Times Square was lined with so many shows…Downtown was not always safe but certainly
    colorful. So many mom and pop shops everywhere and cheap to eat with the BEST coffee shop food and deli’s. Yes, Manhattan
    in the 1940’s & 1950’s was quite wonderful. The city was affordable for most folk’s, even apartments and more had a chance at
    the experience of living there then…..I have loved visiting a lot of the world but NYC is still the best. I do fear that many of the
    family owned places are given away to chain stores and I am sorry for that. Why? We have homogenized malls for that, all across

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